Why and How

WHY the FreedomReform Party?
(1st paragraph is a brief summary, followed by graphs and a more detailed answer.)

The FreedomReform (FRE) Party exists to broaden the American democracy, to greatly improve the prosperity of the working middle class, and to give to open-minded, conscientious voters on Election Day a viable bipartisan third party dedicated to positive reform of American politics. The FRE party is the only bipartisan political party in American history; all other political parties are partisan. The FRE Party will reduce the chronic legal corruption and growing ideological extremism in American politics (the hate-filled "polarization") by asking American voters to support bringing all political parties under the direct control of the U.S. Constitution.

We learned from published university research (Seth Masket, No Middle Ground, 2009, U. of Michigan Press, p. 84) that the American elections system was deliberately changed in many States back in the mid-20C, in order to reward narrow-minded partisan loyalty for re-election and to discourage open-minded bipartisanship. By the 'change,' most bipartisan politicians within the duopoly were punished and gradually eliminated from re-election. Since bipartisanship is the politics of civility, co-operation, and mutual respect ['Let's shake hands and agree to disagree'], the steady elimination of the bipartisans from both major partisan parties resulted in a hardening, hate-filled politics, described as "polarized." The chart below summarizes Masket's detailed research of the mid-century 'change' and its steady, ever-worse results after the 1972 'crossover.'



The Pew Poll also measures America's ever-worsening polarization over the past twenty years with an interactive graph available on-line at: http://www.pewresearch.org/politics/interactives/political-polarization-1994-2017

During the past six decades since the 'change,' while both partisan parties in America--Democrat and Republican--slowly grew in numbers but became more unpopular as their extremism grew, they steadily shriveled and shrank to minor party status with 31% or less of total voter registration (Gallup, October, 2020). As the partisan duopoly shrank in percentage, the number of non-partisan 'independent' voters surged until it is now the largest political group in America, far larger than either of the two partisan parties. Gallup's 30-year graph shows the long-term trends:

Gallup Chart

Now unable to win a majority on their own, the two partisan parties 'rigged' the closed-primary election's system and the re-districting of political boundaries in American politics. The result of their 'rigged' system: 1). Even unpopular, more extreme partisan politicians are usually safely re-elected. 2). Partisan polarization (extremism) grew worse every year for 48 consecutive years, from 1972 until today, devolving American politics into the 'politics of hate.' 3). Legal corruption became entrenched within the partisan duopoly after they became incapable of self-reform by punishing bipartisanship. 4). Despite every poll for decades on American voter preferences showing that an overwhelming majority of voters (60-67%) want to see a viable third party compete for their votes, the 'rigged' elections system created by the partisan duopoly effectively crushes third parties into the fringes of American politics.

Both of the two partisan political parties, Democrat and Republican, argue that they are the party of "change," yet the American public widely perceives that both of the two partisan parties are the same in terms of dishonesty and partisan political greed. Both major partisan parties are perceived as being part of 'the swamp' (Washington, D.C. was built on a drained swamp). Both partisan parties are rife with legal corruption and growing ideological extremism (which thrives on hate). Both partisan parties say they are for "change," but they only argue for change when they are out of power. Their calls for 'change' are empty, hollow, and smack of being merely political propaganda to win an election. The FRE party exists to effect an enduring, positive, bipartisan reform of American politics, not merely to 'change' one form of partisan legal corruption for another.

HOW the FreedomReform Party will practice bipartisan reform politics.
(1st paragraph is a brief summary, followed by greater detail.)

To achieve a broader democracy, promote middle class prosperity, and to reduce partisan polarization (extremism) and chronic legal corruption in American politics, the bipartisan FRE party will carefully craft policy positions on issues which incorporate both center-Left and center-Right points of view. The FRE party will meld policy recommendations from four reputable think tanks: the center-left Brookings Institute, the center-right American Enterprise Institute, the centrist Manhattan Institute, and the libertarian Cato Institute.

FRE party will practice bipartisan pluralist politics which seek the widest possible consensus among voters, and will conduct itself as an agent of positive civic reform guided by the Axial Age ethics of balance and moderation (Aristotle's Golden Mean, Buddha's Middle Path, Confucius's Middle Way). The solid rock foundation of the FRE party's process to build bipartisanship among independent-thinking, non-partisan voters with center-Lefts and center-Rights is the human dignity, morality, rationality and epistemology of responsible freedom. (Click on a book cover for its Amazon link).

Dignity epistemology Morality Rationality responsibility



The civic glue which unites the center-Left with the center-Right in America is their mutual high regard for responsible freedom, their love for liberty. Long ago in 1840, Tocqueville famously noted that, unlike any other people in the world, 'freedom' was the daily-life philosophy of the American people. The American sense of the morality of freedom violently ended slavery in 1865 (600,000 Americans died in the fight to end slavery), and grew civil rights by the Republican Party in 1866, 1871, and 1875, and by the Democrat Party in 1964 and in 1965. The morality of freeedom can still be used to prevent or correct modern political mistakes. While FRE is strongly dedicated to achieving bipartisan consensus on issues, the FRE party will oppose any policy or legislation which violates the morality of freedom: "'A' may not harm 'B' who has done no harm to 'C,' while simply being human." 

Three brief, specific examples:
1). With the moral code of human freedom as its foundational and unifying principle bringing together independent non-partisan voters with the center-Left and center-Right, the FRE party would have supported the First Gulf War of Republican George Bush, Sr., yet would have opposed the Second Gulf War of Republican George Bush, Jr. There is no morality of freedom in the younger-Bush doctrine of "pre-emptive self-defense."
2). The FRE party would support government subsidies for health care insurance for the poor, but because of ObamaCare's unnecessary harm inflicted upon millions of innocent American workers in order to help the poor, FRE would have opposed the 'mandate' and re-definition of 'full-time' features of the ACA by Democrat Barack Obama. There is no morality of freedom in the ObamaCare doctrines which punish the innocent. Punishing the innocent is in the morality of left-wing (atheist) and right-wing (religious) determinism, not in the morality of freedom.
3). During the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, public schools were shut down by the orders of Governors and city mayors who proclaimed that they were merely "following the science." Yet the science of the virus proved that students between the ages of 5 to 18 are the healthiest risk group in the population (they have the strongest immune systems), with the highest survivability rate of 99.99%. (On September 10, 2020, the CDC reported the death rate from Covid infections in the young between the ages of 0-19 as .003%, which equals .00003, or only three deaths per one hundred thousand infections). The FRE party supported Covid-19 consensual shut-ins to protect the elderly and retirees (the most vulnerable group), but opposed shutting down the public schools and involuntarily shutting in tens of millions of American students. There is no morality of freedom in pre-cautionary government commands which indiscriminately punish, repress, suppress, or censor innocent people who have done nothing wrong. Scientific determinism can be just as anti-freedom as left-wing and right-wing determinism.  

To effect reform of the chronic legal corruption in American partisan politics, the FRE party proposes that American citizens approve two decades of Serious Reform Amendments to their U.S. Constitution. Several of these Reform Amendments impose controls over the two major sources of legal corruption in American politics. Both of the larger partisan parties will howl against adopting several of the Serious Reform Amendments, especially those that impact their rigged elections system. Simply put, if open-minded and conscientious citizens agree with the FRE Reform Amendments, we hope they will vote for FRE candidates to Congress, the Senate, and to their State legislatures. Concerned citizens can still vote for their favorite partisan candidate to be President, because the FRE party will not offer candidates to be President. As a result of splitting their ballot, voters will much reduce the duopoly's chronic legal corruption. If American voters cast their ballot as if it were a broom, significant positive, responsible reform is possible.

The voters' approval of the Serious Reform Amendments launches a 'Freedomist Era' in American politics, replacing the 120-year 'Progressive Era' with its mixed-bag of progress and regress: the progress of women's sufferage and civil rights, but also the regress of invasive wars, destruction of the family ethic, C.I.A. coups against elected democracies, more than 500 military bases in a world of less than 200 nations, its surveillance state and vast, deep-state bureaucracy. "How" effective the FRE party reforms will be is up to open-minded, conscientious American voters.


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