FreedomReform Volunteers & Candidates

I. Volunteers

We are deeply grateful and appreciative of volunteers who provide the inspiration in building the FreedomReform Party. The FRE party's bipartisan reform politics are deliberately opposite the way Democrats and Republicans practice partisan politics during the past 66 years, and our volunteers in social media are part of that difference. May we suggest that FRE volunteers share five characteristics:

1. They have a 'love for liberty' and an abiding interest in their self-improvement (self-reform).
2. They self-identify as an independent thinker and as an open-minded, conscientious voter.
3. They have a personal ethic of striving for balance and moderation…and bipartisanship.
4. They have a quiet pride in the quality and quantity of the work they do.
5. They don't insult or denigrate voters or opposing candidates (as in calling some voters "stupid" or "deplorables"). A public insult or slur against voters or an opposing candidate is self-destructive, in that it will merely chase voters away from your candidate or cause. In addition, the insult manifests both personal arrogance and even hate. Voters realize this and will respond with a hatred for the insulter, an important lesson about self-defeating behavior that is lost to the partisan parties (remember Mitt Romney's "other 47%", or Hillary Clinton's "deplorables"?).

II. Candidates

The FRE party welcomes volunteers from all walks of life, however there are specific qualifications from the FRE party that reform candidates should meet in order to receive a FRE party nomination for election to public office. Please consider these dozen items:

1. As good as it is to step forward and seek nomination, it is even better in politics to include nomination by others.
2. The 'love for liberty' is long-held personally, and 'self-improvement' is a personal life-goal.
3. The FRE party will nominate non-partisans, center-Lefts (former conservative Democrat) and center-Rights (former liberal Republican) to represent the FRE party on the ballot. Your public record (voter registration, letters to the editor, voting record, etc.) is the best proof of your stature as a centrist dedicated to balance and moderation.
4. Potential candidates will be asked politely about their private life, not least because they will be grilled mercilessly by the media if scandal is exposed during the campaign. A simple rule to consider: What will your spouse or ex-spouse say about you, when asked?
5. A personal history of leadership during a risk-taking enterprise is especially welcome, such as an entrepreneur, small business owner, team athlete, honorable time in the military, or as a first-responder.
6. A political campaign is very much a creative enterprise, so candidates should have the the ability to recruit, organize, and motivate campaign staff---and to fundraise. Building a successful political campaign is like building a profitable business or a loving family.
7. Potential candidates can explain the perils of being a 'reformer,' including how the reformer's psychology can potentially be perilous to the public.
8. You have read the FRE party's Constitution and are loyal to the U.S. Constitution.
9. You can recite the single-sentence moral code of freedom, by philosopher Joseph Raz.
10. You can knowledgably debate the FRE party's 'Serious Reform Amendments' (both pro and con positions), and pledge to a public career of getting them adopted.
11. To better understand bipartisan reform politics, you have already read, or will read before Election Day, Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind, Eric Hoffer's The True Believer, and Seth Masket's No Middle Ground.
12. Potential FRE party candidates switching from partisan parties should understand and agree to the FRE party's 'Reagan Rule' for bipartisanship: 80%-20%. If your voting record is more than 80% for a major partisan party (as measured by the liberal ADA or conservative ACU), you will not meet the FRE party's standard for open-minded, conscientious bipartisanship. 

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