The FreedomReform Party’s Bipartisan
Liberty Petition to Congress
(Available for signatures at, or print, sign, and mail to the FRE party)

We loyal, freedom-loving American citizens respectfully petition our U.S. Congress to:
* Change the month of 'March' (named for MARS, god of War) to 'Pax', Latin for 'peace';
* Change the month of ‘July’ (named by and for JULius Caesar, ancient Rome’s famous conqueror,  enslaver, and ‘Dictator for Life’) to ‘Liber’ (the Latin root of the English words ‘liberty’ and ‘liberal’);
* Create a new $20 dollar bill with the visage of former slave Harriet Tubman and her quote, “I would fight for my liberty so long as my strength lasted”;
* Create a new 25 bill with the two visages of civil libertarian Dr. Martin Luther King with his quote, “Judge by the content of character, not by the color of skin” and self-taught former slave Frederick Douglass with his quote, “To suppress free speech is a double-wrong”, the changes to be effective nationwide on Liber 4th, 2022.

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