FRE Constitution & By-Laws

PREAMBLE: We citizens of the United States ordain and establish the FreedomReform Party to give political voice to independent-thinking, reform-minded citizens dedicated to civil rights, civil liberties, defensive human rights & economic liberties, to preserve our federated democratic republic with its Constitution and Bill of Rights, to deepen the American democracy, to promote the prosperity of the middle class and working poor, to honor Open Inquiry as humanity's greatest invention, to conduct bipartisan politics with the deepest respect for the Golden Rule and Axial Age ethics of civility, balance and moderation, and to be grounded in and guided by the human dignity, morality, rationality, and epistemology of responsible freedom.

Article I. The FreedomReform (FRE) Party exists to give to open-minded, conscientious voters on Election Day a viable bipartisan party dedicated to positive reform of American politics, in order to reduce the chronic legal corruption and growing ideological extremism in the two governing partisan political parties.

Article II. The FreedomReform Party will achieve significant positive reform of American politics by five principal methods:
   A. The FRE party will meld the views of independent-thinking, non-partisan voters with the center-Left (conservative Democrats), center-Right (liberal Republicans), and lite-Libertarians in order to propose policies and legislation which enjoy the widest possible bipartisan consensus and benefit the largest number of people;
   B. The FRE party will practice pragmatic pluralist politics---bipartisan politics---on-line as much as possible;
   C. The FRE party offers to American voters for their consideration two decades of Serious Reform Amendments to the Constitution, each crafted to produce positive political reform, first by including political parties under the control of the Constitution, second by reducing partisan ideological extremism with its attendant political polarization, and third, by correcting the major sources of partisan legal corruption;
   D. The FRE party intends to be the largest third party in American politics, always in 'loyal opposition' offering postive solutions and constructive criticism, so it will not offer candidates for the Presidency unless it becomes one of the two largest parties. FRE will hold an Endorsing Convention on the Thursday before the national election, and will compete for all other public offices. This reform will permit open-minded and conscientious voters to still vote loyally for their favorite partisan candidate to be President and yet also vote for FreedomReform candidates to lower offices;
   E. The FRE party will field candidates for election to public office who are known for their dedication to pragmatic pluralism and positive political reform, for their commitment to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and bipartisanship, and for their personal civility, emotional maturity, intelligence and integrity. 

Article III. The organization of the FreedomReform Party will be bottom-up, starting at school districts, then counties, then States, then national. Each higher level of organization will be composed entirely of FRE members appointed from the immediate lower level.
   A. Each level of the FRE party sets its own meeting times, dates, places and agenda; Roberts Rules of Order govern the meetings. As much as possible, regular meetings of the FRE party will be done through live, video-conference calls organized to avoid conflicting times.
   B. Each level of the FRE party shall elect a Chair and two Co-Chairs for Membership and Registration, a Secretary and a Treasurer, all serving two-year terms beginning each January 1st of odd-numbered years. Each level of the FRE party shall be organized by an Executive Committee comprised of an odd number of FRE members who serve three year terms beginning on January 1st of even numbered years. Any officer of the FRE party shall be removed from office by two-thirds of the Executive Committee at the same level, or by a majority of the next higher level of the FRE party's Executive Committee. The State Chairs by majority vote shall appoint annually a General Secretary who shall be the Chief Executive of the entire FRE party and its sibling parties. There shall be no salaries in the FRE party, although members of the FRE party may earn commissions on their personal fundraising for the FRE party after they have been vetted by the General Secretary.
   C. State organization of the FRE party will comply with their State's election laws to become 'qualified' to appoint candidates to compete in the General Election (usually 'qualified' requires between 1%-5% of the State's electorate to sign a legal petition). To become a politically 'viable' third party, each State FRE party should achieve 10-15% of their State's total voter registration. The FRE party's ultimate  goal is to be an influential 'third' political party with between 10-15% of the total voter registration in all 50 States and in Puerto Rico. Any third party in America which achieves 10-15% of the total voter registration will become disproportionately influential in effecting positive, meaningful reforms, because American voters refuse to give either of the governing partisan parties a permanent majority. 
   D. Each level makes nomination of candidates for election to public offices within its jurisdiction by majority vote at a regular Executive Committee meeting. Where a public office includes more than one jurisdiction—as in Congressional Districts—the State organization will select a nominee from the several candidates offered by the lower level organizations.
   E. The higher levels of the FRE party may, by majority vote, initiate lawsuit or legal procedures in a State to remove a lower-level appointed candidate from the ballot for a public office. If it is legally too late to remove the name, the State and national organizations may actively campaign against the election of a FRE candidate who has lost the approval of the national or State FRE party organization.

Article IV. Candidates for election to partisan public offices from the FreedomReform Party shall rigorously comply with all election laws, State and federal. FRE party candidates to public office:
   A. In States where the FRE party is not yet "qualified" for the Primary Elections, candidates must be appointed/nominated by the appropriate FRE party organization to compete in the General Elections.
   B. The FreedomReform Party will appoint/nominate candidates for election to public office upon the following criteria:
       1). Their intelligence and public reputation for integrity;
       2). They combine personal open-mindedness (Left-wing political psychology) with conscientiousness (Right-wing political psychology);
       3). They have a demonstrated striving for personal self-mastery in their handwritten ten-point personal code of practicing ethical politics, which must be on file with the State and national FRE party;
       4). If crossing over from a major partisan party, they have a minimum 80%-20% rating for partisanship and bipartisanship (the Reagan standard);
       5). They have a personal 'love for liberty' and will support and defend the U.S. Constitution and all ten of the Bill of Rights;
       6). They know the FRE party's Serious Reform Amendments to the U. S. Constitution and are career-pledged to get them adopted;
       7). They know verbatim the one-sentence moral code on the morality of responsible freedom;
       8). To help understand reform politics and bipartisanship, they pledge to read before Election Day Eric Hoffer's The True  Believer, Jonathan Haidt's The Righteous Mind, Seth Masket's No Middle Ground, and Isaiah Berlin's analysis in The One and The Many;
       9). They manifest good mental health by their public displays of trust and their deliberate effort to cultivate self-mastery, self-awareness, self-reflection, self-critique, and enjoy the toughening process of self-improvement;
     10). They agree with the FRE party's motto: "Open Minds, Open Markets, Open Inquiry," and will strive to adopt the ethic of pragmatic pluralism.

Article V. The FreedomReform Party will not field candidates for President or Vice-President unless it becomes a major party, but will challenge for all other public offices. The FRE party will hold an Endorsing Convention on the Thursday before a national Election Day, to recommend to the American electorate one of the two major partisan candidates to be President. Delegates to the quadrennial Endorsing Convention:
    A. Elected FRE public officeholders are delegates; FRE party organizations at the State, county, and school district levels appoint two people to be delegates; the national organization of the FRE party are delegates.
    B. The Endorsing Convention will recommend a major partisan party's candidate to be President based upon the following criteria:
        1). Their commitment to the morality of freedom. A partisan candidate's public record of authoritarian policies or positions, or support or votes for legislation which punish the innocent will receive an anti-freedom condemnation;
        2). Their open-mindedness, reflected by their relative ranking in bipartisanship;
        3). Their strength of character (MLK's standard), measured by their home life, business dealings, awareness of personal fallibilities, and reputation for resilience;
        4). Their intellectual honesty revealed by their refusal to make post hoc conclusions or indulge in 'straw-man' arguments, they avoid representing opinion as fact or filtering those facts which disprove their truth, and their demonstrated honest criticisms of their own party's partisan mistakes;
       5). They have acquired a deep personal understanding of humanity's dichotomous political psychologies: individualism versus collectivism, determinism vs free will, pluralism versus monism, group-thinking or herd-thinking versus independent-thinking;
       6). They are aware that the FRE party regards 'Open Inquiry' to be humanity's greatest invention, and that the FRE party reasons the past 5,000 years of human history proved that humanity's greatest enemy is a closed mind. The FRE party reasons that a bipartisan is open-minded, a partisan is more narrow-minded, the extremist is closed-minded. Not all partisans are extremists, but all extremists are partisans.

Article VI. The finances of the FreedomReform Party will adhere to all federal, State, and municipal election laws. The FRE party candidates to elective office will send copies of their required campaign filings to their local, State, and national FRE offices for audit and review. Any delay in complying with or offering incomplete financial information required by election laws shall result in the FRE party candidate's legal disqualification from the ballot.

Article VII. Upon the dissolution of the FreedomReform Party, all net funds will be donated to a long-standing non-partisan national charity, such as the Red Cross.

Article VIII. The FreedomReform Party's three-letter acronym is FRE, the party's color is purple (the blend of red and blue), the motto is 'Open Minds, Open Markets, Open Inquiry,' and the mascot is Athena's small owl, called 'Duo.'

Article IX. Where State laws prohibit the word-use of either 'Freedom' or 'Reform' for a new political party, the FRE party will organize in such States as the sibling 'FRE Bipartisan Party.'

Article X. Amending this FRE party Constitution shall be accomplished by majority roll call votes in three quarters of the State FRE parties, or by roll call votes by three quarters of delegates at the quadrennial Endorsing Convention. To maintain its reputation for honest bipartisanship with the American electorate, the FRE party will never offer FRE candidates for President, although former FRE party members running in a partisan party's primary to become President would be interesting and welcome.


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