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Unlike any other political party, the FreedomReform (FRE) Party practices bipartisan politics. Unlike narrow-minded partisan politics with their closed-mnd extremists, bipartisan politics are characterized by open-mindedness and the emphasis upon civility, co-operation, and mutual respect. The FRE party carefully crafts policy positions which unite independent-thinking non-partisan voters with center-Lefts (conservative, open-minded Democrats), center-Rights (liberal, conscientious Republicans), and lite-Libertarians, thus attracting the broadest possible bipartisan consensus among American voters.

The moral glue which unites all open-minded and conscientious American citizens, regardless of their politics, is the morality of freedom, their shared love for liberty. For more than two centuries, Americans fought, died, and still struggle to defend and improve their country's civil rights, defensive Human Rights, their civil liberties and economic liberties. Americans are famous for being a libertarianish people.

To help end legal corruption in partisan politics, the FRE party offers two decades of serious Freedomist Era Reform Amendments to the U.S. Constitution for American citizens to consider. To grow bipartisanship, the FRE party offers the 'Liberty & Prosperity' Petitions to Congress for American citizens to send to their politicians. The Reform Amendments and the Petitions to Congress can be found on the 'Menu' above. (Click on a book cover for its Amazon link).

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The FRE Party's 20 Reform Amendments are designed to broaden our democracy through bipartisanship, halt the past five decades of ever-worsening partisan polarization with its attendant politics of hate, increase the prosperity of the middle class, and reduce the chronic legal corruption in American politics by placing all American political parties under the control of the Constitution.

Seven decades ago in many States across the country, the two governing partisan parties changed the incentives to win re-election from bipartisanship to partisanship. The unintended result of their 'change' seven decades ago is the steady, inexorable rise of ideological extremism within both major partisan parties. The chart below, based on Seth Masket's 2009 published research in No Middle Ground, summarizes the duopoly's 'change' to punish bipartisanship, the 'crossover' to a national politics of partisan polarization, and the steady increase of hot hate in American politics. 


As a consequence of their 'change,' both governing partisan parties have now painted themselves into a corner, incapable of self-reform because their more narrow-minded partisans in gerrymandered "safe seats" have become the entrenched base of their efforts to achieve a majority. Therefore, any positive reform of the duopoly's political system has to come from outside of the two partisan parties. The FRE party is staunchly committed to bipartisan reform, where reform includes broadening the American democracy by placing all political parties equally under the control of the U.S. Constitution.

Instead of the two partisan parties' method of 'change' politics, the bipartisan FRE party is committed to genuine reform of how American politics and elections are conducted by all political parties. And by not offering presidential candidates, the FRE party offers to open-minded and conscientious voters the opportunity to split their ballot, enabling every voter to still vote for their favorite partisan party candidate to be president while voting for FreedomReform candidates to the other public offices.

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